Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Few Great Gifts

A funny thing happened on the way to Christmas Day--my sister and my friend/roommate of the past two months ganged up to buy me all the things they think my home is missing. Which is how I wound up with a full-length mirror (which I used to have before a running grandchild accidentally collided with it two years ago), silicone spoon rests (thereby retiring the pottery ones I got from my great-aunt thirty years ago that were shaped like apples, but the stems had all gotten broken), a new set of dishes (to replace the remains of four separate sets I'd acquired over the past twenty years), linen dish towels (because I think hand towels are uselessly small for the bath, so I hang them in my kitchen) and a set of silverware for 12 (Really? Silverware is supposed to match? Who knew!).

And then, my wonderful sister bought me three new bras. (Guys, you can skip this paragraph. The women know whereof I speak!) In 62 years, I've never actually had a fitting session before purchasing a bra. And I've certainly NEVER spent $65 for a bra. But my sister took me for just such a fitting, and in the package under the tree were THREE, count-em, THREE brand new, well-fitted bras. BTW, I read somewhere that most women wear bras that are one size too large around the back and one cup size too small--that turned out to be exactly true for Grace.

All in all, Grace did very well this Christmas.

I hope yours was good, too.


Lisa said...

Merry Christmas Grace! I would love to have a bra fitting! I know it would make a world of difference.

Michelle P said...

Sounds like a good Christmas! I love new bras, but they are so expensive.

Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

I'm very jealous of the bras...that may be something I'll have to do in the New Year! :)!

Sounds like a great haul!

Jane said...

What an uplifting experience...sorry, I couldn't resist! I've never had a bra-fitting either, I'm 55. I guess I should put that on my bucket list!

Louise said...

I could use a little 'uplift' myself!
it's great that she got you three, when I find one thats actually comfortable I usually order a few extra in the same style.

Anonymous said...

Wait your telling me dishes are supposed to match each other..and silver ware also? Next you are going to tell me that drinking out of my shrek glasses isnt cool!!!!!

Congratulations on the new bras I need some myself and should get a fitting. Its one of those things we never do. Glad you spoiled yourself a little

Grace. said...

Judy--Shrek glasses NEVER go out of style. You have a matched set? I'm so jealous!

Bob Lowry said...

No comment on the fitting session but I can certainly understand how the correct size would be important.

Your sister & friend gave you the perfect kitchen gifts: things you can appreciate and use every day but would never buy for yourself.

webb said...

Dear Grace,

just discovered your blog thru Savvy Working Girl. Being of a similar age and retirement plans I found your back posts most interesting. If I can figure out how to suscribe, I'd like to follow along.

Hope 2012 will be a good year for you.


DeeDee said...

Sometime this year I read an article that said that the average woman buys six bras a year. This proves two things to me:
Some other woman is buying four of my bras, and
I spent WAY too many hours in doctors' offices reading magazines this year!

Congrats on some excellent gifts!