Monday, February 28, 2011

February Wind Up & Other Small Stuff

1. My total indebtedness went down $822.48 in February. Considering that it only went down $55 in January, I'm pretty satisfied with this month's results.

2. I've now received both my state and federal tax refunds, a little over $1700. So I should be in good shape and set to pay off a bunch of debts, right? Dream on! I spent $359 for 100 gallons of heating oil. I spent $350 for pest control. (Yep, not only have ants discovered my kitchen but at least two rats have as well. I probably should be embarrassed about that, but it turns out that the rats are a neighborhood problem. So the neighbors are banding together to attack the problem both in our homes and outdoors.) I also brought my baby-steps emergency fund up to $1000 by depositing $226. And I paid the homeowner's insurance for my rental. Then there were birthdays for three grandkids--makes me wonder what it is about that leads to all these February births. Or is it just my family?

Good-bye $1700! I hardly knew ye!

3. The 298th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Savings to Invest. My post on being a "Go To Person" is there, as are a number of great posts covering many aspects of personal finance.


Anonymous said...

Yay $822! Hope you knock March out of the park.

Sharon said...

My $1438 refund went directly to our new mattress. I'm not sure it was in my checking account for more than a day!

Great job on the debt repayment! :)!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you spent it on needed things though...and really who wants rats and ants.


Maureen said...

The pest control seems to have been a bit of a priority, as are the oil and insurance. So money put to good use. Plus you paid off over $800 all round a great month.

Janette said...

We have a lot of February births as well ---must be some great summer vacations!