Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Christmas Season

Christmas was quiet but pleasant this year. The best part was that I stayed within my budget.

1. My very best Christmas bargain was at The Body Shop. First, I purchased a $40 Groupon for $20. Then, when I went to the store, they were having a special promotion. If I donated $5 to their "Stop Sex Trafficking" charity, they gave me a small bag. Anything I put in the bag was 50% off. The end result was that I purchased $70 worth of stocking stuffers AND donated $5 to a worthy charity, all for a grand total of $20. That may be the best deal I got all year.

2. I broke with the "Grandma provides Christmas dinner and feeds everyone" tradition. This year, I made a ham rather than a turkey, and set up a buffet. Family could come by whenever they wanted. It went so well, I may do it again next year.

3. There are so many free events and things to do during the Christmas season. I made a special effort with my grandkids to check these out. We drove around looking at 'over the top' Christmas decorations. We went to the Zoo to ride the Zoo Train and look at all the lights they put out (free with my annual pass). We hit every church Christmas concert within half a mile of my home. I did get a tad overdosed on frosted sugar cookies, but the kids and I had a blast.

4. I caught a post-Christmas cold from one of my grandkids. You'd think that was the bad news, but it has allowed me to stay on my couch, away from work and away from people, watching all the bad television I want. Rather a nice Christmas present actually!


Sharon said...

Sounds like a great Christmas, Grace, especially the part where you get to finally get to rest albeit with a cold. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Frances said...

It sounds lovely. Except for the cold. Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yay Grace! Way to go!!!

MasterPo said...

Sounds like a good time was had. MasterPo's mother-in-law did a horse radish encrusted Prime Rib roast - awesome!!

The kids have bad sniffles now too. :-(