Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rest in Peace, Tony

From the first week I started blogging, I had a regular in my comments section. It was Tony from My Road to Freedom.

He was always generous with his encouragement as I marched fitfully forward in my journey toward financial freedom.

He was already there, though not without some fitful progress of his own. He took his losses and was searching Florida and other parts of the country for some land to buy for his RV. I was delighted to share his journey via his blog entries. He signed all of his comments as "Did It My Way," and ended each with "See ya."

In person, we might not have been friends. He smoked. He loved guns. He didn't like land-use planning laws.

But on the internet, these 'indiscretions' paled next to his spirit, and the excitement with which he approached the world and his retirement.

I've been annoyed that he hasn't posted recently.

I shouldn't have been.

I should have known it would take something like death to keep him away from his blog.

Tony Cassise died July 29, 2010.

May the earth rest lightly upon him.

See ya, Tony. Kinda wish I'd seen ya around a whole lot longer.


Revanche said...

Oh no! I wondered why I hadn't seen him roundabouts here, I'd enjoyed his commenting and noticed his absence as well.

Glad you found out and shared, Grace, and sad we didn't know him longer.

Nicole said...

Rest in Peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found out what happened to him. He sounds like quite a character.

Anonymous said...

Grace, this is terrible news. He was only 69 years old. He used to leave comments on my blog also. One of them was to tell me to enjoy everyday of life because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

How true. How true.

I will miss him. AND he did it, his way!

Bustednuckles said...

Yeah, Tony was a great guy. He used to leave comments at my place too , exchanged a couple of E mails.
I was wondering where he went, figured he was just out fishing or blowing stuff up with high swpeed lead projectiles.

I stumbled on your place from a comment you left. I also live in the Pacific Northwest.
Good luck to you honey, I just read a bunch of your posts.

Phil, AKA Bustednuckles.