Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quarterly Net Worth Update

My net worth is down $2704 from last quarter, but is still over half a million, at $554,931.

The housing debacle came late to the Pacific Northwest, but all that meant was that we are recovering later as well. My city residence went up $5000 in value, but my rental on the coast lost $20,000.

What? They didn't see the new roof?

Speaking of which, my indebtedness increased $2654 which is due entirely to the roofing costs, and wait! There's more! $2000 more which I will be paying in October.

But my 401(k) is up $23,000 so I'm not really complaining.

All in all, I'm not unhappy with my net worth at this point.


frugal zeitgeist said...

Yay for $23,000 increase in your 401(k)! My investments shot up recently, too. I'd like a little vacation from the volatility right around now.

Janette said...

Do you include the value of your primary home as a part of your net worth?


Grace. said...

Janette---you bet I do! Without it, my net worth would be down by half!