Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pinch Me

I don't read Salon.Com on a regular basis, but clearly I should.

I just discovered that site's "Pinched" series. It's a fascinating group of articles examining the effects of the recession. I came across it because the author of another blog I follow, The Boxcar Kids, wrote one of the newest columns about her trials as a nearly homeless mother of four.

I particularly enjoyed the articles and all the comments about foodstamps, the one by a cleaning lady, and especially the one by a former real estate agent who wonders what part she played in the bringing on the recession. Then there's the guy who refuses to go into debt to pay for his Duke education--he's living in a van in one of the college parking lots!

No, I won't give you links to the above--read ALL of the articles. They are that good.

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