Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Errata--Stuff Too Small for Its Own Post

Learn something new every day! As in, what "Errata" really means. Obviously, I'm using it to mean "all the extra stuff." But apparently, I'm incorrect. It really means a "page of corrections." Well, dang! I like my definition better.

At any rate, in the Gospel According to Grace, here's MY errata:

1. I added a new blog to my blogroll. Mein Taglich Brots (Is that German? The Blog, however, is in English.) It's by a 60 year woman who has faced bankruptcy and foreclosure during the past year and is fighting her way back to fiscal soundness. I found this blog when I was checking where my readers come from--do those of you with blogs find your Sitemeter statistics to be as utterly fascinating as I do?

2. The 227th Festival of Frugality is up at Money Obedience. Grace and her English Muffins are there, along with many other even more interesting posts.

3. The guy who rents my garage is pretty sporadic about paying me. I don't lose any sleep over this because I'm not otherwise using the free-standing garage, and when he pays, he catches up the back and pays a couple of months ahead. So yesterday he caught up two back months and paid two months forward. YAY!!! At virtually the same moment, my clothes dryer, purchased in the early '90's went Kaput! BOO! HISS! Is there some kind of cosmic code that says when money comes Grace's way, so shall some unexpected expense? At any rate, since I know I'll have to replace the washer in a few years (the two appliances were purchased as a set), I decided to just get a used dryer for the moment and then get a completely new set when the washer follows its dryer-mate into laundry heaven.

That's it for now. I'm off to look for a more accurate word to replace my use of Errata!


Anonymous said...

It's German for: My Daily Bread. Ain't that the truth? That's all we should really worry about-getting through the day. Ugh.

Good luck on your washer/dryer plan. Sounds like a good one.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to buy as a set? We got the best value washer and the best value dryer according to our needs and consumer reports and they don't even come from the same store much less being the same brand.

Grace. said...

Anon--I don't, of course, have to buy a set, and by the time the washer goes out, I may not want to. Of course my real dream is that I'll have all my credit card debt paid off and can get a cool-looking, water saving front loader with dryer. We'll see. That day is a ways off!

Anonymous said...


SylviaB said...

Ouch Grace, hard week.

About #1 - the sitemeter. Yes, I confess that I spend time trying to figure out who's reading the blog and I'm happier when the numbers are higher and start feeling very insecure when they're low. I've gotten easier about it over time though so now I don't check nearly as often every day :-)

#2 - Have you ever read the book It Could Always Be Worse? It's a tale for children that illustrates your precise point. Here's the link if you haven't read it:


#3 - Cosmic breezes were blowing in my home too and I've just had to do the washer/dryer replacement. There's no really getting ahead so I don't even try any more.

Shevy said...

Miscellanea or miscellany.