Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where'd They Go? And Why?

Not to sound overly cranky, but why is it that some of my favorite bloggers have decided to drop off the face of the internet?

I forgive JW, whose "Need to Be Debt Free" was one of my favorite reads--apparently someone turned his employer onto the blog and put JW's employment in jeopardy. The blog or the job -- pretty easy choice, there!

But what is Bluebird's excuse? I have always found his blog, Hedonic Adjustment, to be an interesting read. I'm hopeful about him, because he's wandered away before, and then returned. As for him being tired of blogging--my personal opinion is that no blogger should disappear until or unless GRACE grows tired of reading them!

I have no idea what happened to Petunia at Keeping Score--one day she was there and the next, she wasn't.

Then, just as I was thinking about adding Change Can Be a Good Thing to my blogroll, the author decides to hang it up. I especially like the title of that blog in all of its connotations, except the idea that she can change her mind about blogging!

Whoever said "All good things must end" probably got it right. But I reserve the right to whine and blog about it.


DogAteMyFinances said...

I think it's tough when you don't have a concrete goal (like getting out of debt or retiring), and when things are going badly. It's pretty humbling to blog about how badly everything is going.

Just speculating here, obviously.

I still feel for JW. There are some evil people out there on the internet.

Sharon said...

Ah, I so understand. I almost stopped several times too. I sometimes feel I have nothing to say that anyone would care to read. And when I do post, commenting has stopped too. I think we all get a bit busy.

Anonymous said...

Realistically, I think most people are shell-shocked. Life has been fairly brutal for most. I personally have my good and bad days. I don't want to post on my bad days because I'd rather my blog be upbeat.
But it's tough.
Plus when you really, really write how you feel, you've got to be prepared for some vicious backlash. Those days I try to avoid. Shame I can't be totally honest anymore.

Shevy said...

Cases like JW's are sad but the ones I really worry about are ones where the blog is still there but it suddenly ceases to be updated and there is no clue as to what happened.

For example, MP (Morphine Princess from Future Unknown) last blogged on Aug 3 to say she was adjusting to a new form of morphine and was going to a condo meeting but would be back soon to post a longer update. Then she apparently dropped off the face of the blogosphere but the blog is still up.

Or Ann from Vintage Mommy and One Bag Nation. She disappeared at the beginning of February after leaving a post at the end of January saying she was planning to post pictures of her home office in a week or so.

It makes me worry that something bad happened and, of course, in MP's case it wouldn't be too surprising because of her health but I'd just like to *know*.

Petunia said...

Hi Grace,

I am still reading my favorite blogs (like this one). I deleted my blog because I became concerned that I was not as anonymous as I would have liked.

Grace. said...


Thanks for letting me know you're still alive, and (one hopes) still taking care of the finances. I started out with a financial journal before I started blogging, and that might be an idea for you. You don't get comments, but it sorta does help keep oneself in line.

Bouncing Back said...

I know, some blogs are still up but have not had a post in months. Some have been taken off line with out a warning. I miss a lot of the" Lost blogs".

Louise said...

I think it's hard to write upbeat when having a tough time, I'm struggling at the moment to get through each day, and I don't want to bore my reader with my constant worries, so I guess it's easier to blog when things are going well. also I have limited access at the moment. I hate it when people just disappear to.