Friday, May 1, 2009

It's a New Month; It's a New Day!

So a couple of days ago, I was blithering about frugal fatigue and being stuck in the financial doldrums. Today, I'm feeling much better about my finances. Why? I have no clue.

But there were a few small bright spots:

For one, my oldest daughter, out of the blue, paid me back $400. The thing is, while I do "loan" my kids money from time to time, I never really expect to see the money again. My oldest daughter probably owes me around $1300 over the past year but I haven't hounded her for repayment. In fact, I've never mentioned it. That's why it was great to get an early Mother's Day card with her cash inside it. I assume it came from a tax return but whatever the source, I was glad to get it.

Another reason to feel good is that my 403(b) is finally showing signs of health. No, it's not back to where it was in October, 2007. But it's quite a bit above the "under $100,000" point it had dropped to just this past March.

And finally, I realized that April, 2009 was the first month in a long time where every single bill, including every single unexpected expense that suddenly arose, got paid, with no borrowing and no robbing one creditor to pay another. It feels fine, so fine that I want to do it again in May!


Jennifer said...

Hi Grace! Glad to see you're feeling better finance wise and health wise! :)

Sharon said...

YEAH! Here's hoping for a great May!

Shevy said...

Love the last paragraph! Yes, that's a really great month and I hope you can duplicate that in May.