Thursday, April 2, 2009

Retirement Practice

Even though the damage to my heart turned out to be worse than expected (a quadruple by-pass as opposed to a triple), my recovery could not have been smoother. I've had surprisingly little pain, more energy than I expected, and WAY too much free time on my hands. I won't be allowed to drive for another week and a half, which keeps me at home.

So I'm looking at this as retirement practice.

It is frustratingly clear to me that between now and the time I actually do retire (which, according to my schedule is in 9 years), I'd better have serious plans in place.

Getting up late, reading a lot, and watching daytime television is already getting old and I've only been doing it for three weeks.

I am so BORED!

Part of it, of course, is that my close friends are still working so they are not available to play with me during the day. Also, a "real" retirement would include volunteer activities, writing, travel, and, probably, a car. That latter is a bit iffy since I'm not the world's greatest driver, and who knows how much worse I'll be in another decade.

I am less able to structure my time than I expected--something that will have to change once I retire.

Still, it's been an interesting exercise--and proof to me that I am, in no way, ready to retire right now.


Carol said...

After what you've been through, I think a little boredom is just fine!!! Sometimes these little "test runs" can teach us a lot....not least of all, good health is important, and so are routine tests!

Miss M said...

Boredom is probably good after such major surgery. I'm glad your recovery has been better than expected and hope you are completely healed soon. Enjoy the practice retirement, work will always be there.

Bouncing Back said...

A few years ago I switched jobs and instead of having 10 days off between jobs, I had close to 21. After 10 days I was bored senseless. I wasn't a traveling, I had not impending DIY projects to do, No one else was off an around to hang out with. Most of my friends were jealous, oh you have all this time off. I could not wait to get back to work.....

CT Mom said...

I'm with you! After my surgery and the first couple of days home, I was ready to climb the walls. I wasn't housebound, though; that would have made it much worse.

For those who say "enjoy the downtime," I say, "the grass is always greener." Yes, it's good to slow down, but completely stop? Not so good for folks like us.

Glad you are recovering quickly!

HappySlob said...

Grace - so glad you're doing okay and recovering with such ease! I love your blog and pop by once in a while to keep myself frugally-motivated. Take good care of yourself.

Sylvia B said...

Keep taking good care of yourself Grace. Yup - there can be some boredom in retirement for sure. It's more the isolation of it that I'm finding a challenge. Sometimes when I think about the endlessness of retirement it's a bit scary too. I'm still hopeful that this is transitional and a new life is about to emerge. Practice retirement is a good idea though.

Living Almost Large said...

Maybe in 9 years you'll be ready to slow down and smell the roses! Time flies way too fast!

Jerry said...

I'm really glad that things went OK with your surgery, and hope that it leads to improve health and vitality... Carol is right. Health, routine tests, and not to mention health insurance, are all-important! Here's to a speedy recovery.