Friday, April 24, 2009

Five Thoughts for A Friday

A bunch of small things on my mind on this beautiful Friday (The weatherman is promising a nice week-end as well, but he's fickle and untrustworthy.):

1. A fair number of bloggers are getting burned out worrying about their finances. KemKem, at Life As I know It, and Karissa at Keeping It Seriously Simple are both having a bad case of the "Blahs." I know these thoughts only too well. Some might suggest just ignoring the feeling and soldiering on. But I think it is a sign of frugal fatigue and should be combatted by a small amount of personal, fun spending. One nice meal out or a single overnight getaway won't break the bank, and may well help get someone who is suffering back on the frugal track. At least, if we don't do it every week!

2. Earth day came, and Grace came up short, as usual. But I am making one new concession to greening the planet--I am using (mostly, when I remember--currently, I have remembered during two of my last three trips to the grocery store) one of those ubiquitous canvas shopping bags.

3. Mighty Bargain Hunter has a lovely post about help given to a homeless woman. While I could not (or maybe, would not) have charged $55 as easily as he did, I greatly admire his deed.

4. I never thought I would consider an annuity. In fact, they have always seemed to me to be an expensive and not very effective retirement option. But this article from the Wall Street Journal has gotten me thinking.

5. And finally, for those who have e-mailed me to ask--I am feeling great. According to my doctor, whom I saw yesterday, I am the poster child for anyone recovering from heart surgery. I've lost 11 pounds and I'm walking every day--something I should have been doing over the past year. Too bad it took this wake-up call to get me serious about weight loss and exercise!


Anonymous said...

I think the frugal stress has taken a toll on everyone, me included. Last week(end) DH and I went to spiff up the summer abode and we both swore off any and all cooking. We went out to eat 4 days in a row and it was divine.

No regrets. No looking at the total costs. Enough already.

I made up my mind that I want my life back (even if it is so scaled back). Whatever it is, I draw the line: this is it. I'm living it now.

mbhunter said...

Thanks for the kind words about my post. It was a learning experience!

Karissa said...

Thanks for your support :)

Glad to read that you are feeling better, too.

Florence said...

Hi Grace!! Wow, 11 pounds!! That's great!! I need to lose those pounds too...
A couple of years ago I made an Earth Day resolution to take my own cup with me to work each day. I'm not a coffee drinker but I do sip on ice water during my work day. It's a little thing but over the past year or too, think of all the styrofoam cups that have not gone to the landfill!!
I have my tote bags but in all honesty, I generally remember that they are still in the van just as I reach the check out counter. I'll try with you to remember them better this year.
Glad that your recovery is going so well.

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! 11 pounds? Wow. It took me two months to lose that....