Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Inventions, Big Impact

So I was at a party Saturday evening, (Don't laugh, and don't tell my kids, but yes, Grace does occasionally have a social life!) where the following question was raised: What three "small" inventions have most impacted your life? MY answer was (1) Pantyhose (2) birth control pills, and (3) sticky notes.

The guy I was with thought birth control pills and sticky notes were important, but he traded the pantyhose for "instant replay" (something he would never have done if he'd ever had to master garter belt 101).

My 27 year old daughter chose cell phones, Hot Pockets and IPOD's--what WOULD her generation do without electronics. I thought she would choose computers, which would have been my fourth choice, but she didn't have to--her current cell phone allows her to access the internet.

So what do you think? What inventions that have occurred since your birth have actually helped you the most or had the most impact on your life?


Mr. GoTo said...

These are not little inventions but their impact on all of our lives has been overwhelming:

1. The optical laser (1960)is used in manufacturing, medicine, space exploration, research, CD and DVD technology, you name it.

2. The integrated circuit (1958) allows all of the gadgets you carry and use to be packaged in a small, low power form factor that make them consumer friendly and affordable.

Florence said...

1. Birth control!!
2. Computers
3. Television (I was born in 1947 and while television had been invented, it wasn't common.)

Fun question!!

Louise said...

I'm with you on the sticky notes. I just can't imagine my day without them!

Then I think the internet / web. I am old enough to be able to retell the story of the day we went on a bus trip to see a new invention called the computer! It was a room filled with 6 huge machines! The creation of the internet/ web since then is one of best things I can think of in my lifetime.

Ipods, just love mine, so convenient and compact!

Shevy said...

I posted a comment on this the other day, while I was having network cable problems and it apparently disappeared into the ether.

My choices are:
Cable TV
My beloved BlackBerry

I had several honourable mentions but can't remember them today.

Beany said...

The internet
The computer
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