Monday, August 4, 2008

Ye Olde Credit Card Shuffle

My credit union VISA made me an offer I couldn't refuse: No balance transfer fees and a rate of 1.99% for 12 months after a balance transfer.

That works!

My credit line on this particular VISA is over $5000 but all I currently owe (having paid it down like a good girl) is $600. So I promptly zeroed out two of my cards, one with a 21.8% interest rate and the other with a 15.5% rate. That means that the highest interest I'm now paying on any of my cards (and it is my card with the lowest balance, so it is next in line to be paid off) is 11.99%.

It's just another small savings, but I'm hoping they will all add up one day.


louise said...

now thats an irrisistable offer! I wish I had done a balance transfer before i decided to leave my job, now I'm stuck with the high interest rates.

Anonymous said...

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Livingalmostlarge said...

Sounds like an awesome deal.

CT Mom said...

Great move! Now you'll really be able to make a dent in your debt, without most of your payments going to interest.