Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Wraps Me Up!

I am NOT going to post my total indebtedness for August.

NOT gonna do it!

And you can't make me!

But suffice to say, there was not only no reduction this month, there was an increase. I'm going back over my expenditures to figure out exactly how that happened. I do have a general idea, but my general idea was in smaller figures than the reality--isn't that always the way?

The only good news is that there will be some extra money coming in for September, all of which I intend to put on my debts.


Sharon said...

Oh Grace, I feel your pain.....September HAS to be better!

Grace. said...

LOL--I just read the most recent entry in your blog.

Bah, August--Get thee behind us!!

louise said...

I had a month like that last month, commisserations and I hope this month is better for you :)

Momthing1 said...

I overspent in August too. But if I had August to do all over again, I would do the same.

Shevy said...

I also overspent, especially on clothes for my Dear Child. Next year she'll be in uniforms and it will be much cheaper.

But she looks really cute.