Monday, April 21, 2008

More on Grown Up Kids

If you haven't been been reading The Simple Dollar (and why not? I ask, since it is a wonderful blog!), you may have missed Trent's observations and questions about his grandmother who allows her adult son to live with her. The comments are just as thought-provoking as the original post, and yes, Grace added her two cents to the discussion.

Interestingly, when I submitted my post on The Grown-Up Kid Conundrum--Part Deux to this week's Carnival of Personal Finance, it was rejected as not being on-topic.

My guess is that it was just too personal a topic for the host--too much about emotions and not enough about money.

But nowhere do finances and emotions come together more clearly (or sometimes, more devastatingly) than when one is dealing with other family members.


The Happy Rock said...



I really did go back on forth on your article. I agree 100% that the topic is very PF related, and I am sure that it is weighing on your finances too. I ultimately decided, not that that it was too emotional, just that there almost no direct tie in to your money. Gut call.

If I missed the tie in just let me know.

Sharon said...

Funny they said it wasn't on topic...Suze Orman spoke of young children helping their parents, but it works both ways. A lot of times it is the parents who are helping the adult children. Either way, emotions affect finances. I thought it was a poignant post.