Friday, April 18, 2008

All Things Come to Those Who Wait

OK, so this is not quite up there with world peace and curing AIDS, but some of you may recall that the reason it took me so long to cut back on my TV cable bill was that Bravo channel was not available in the basic cable package. Bravo is the home of two of my favorite programs, "Top Chef" and "Project Runway."

Reluctantly and resentfully, I did eventually cave in to the financial pressure and scale back to a basic cable service.

But hey! The Gods are smiling on Grace.

Beginning in November, "Project Runway" is moving to Lifetime, which, fortunately for moi, IS part of the basic cable line-up.

Yaayy! Now, if they will just move "Top Chef," I'll have all my favorite programs back.


Bill said...

What worked for me was Tivo and Amazon Unbox.

I bought a used Series 2 Tivo (single-tuner) w/ lifetime service included off ebay.

Then using Amazon's Unbox service, I subscribed to those very few shows I want but don't get on basic cable (channels 2-16, $9/month)

Standard cable here (about 75 analog channels) is $60/month!

So even at $2/episode (but no commercials) I save plenty o' cash.

Grace. said...

That's very interesting. I do have TIVO (and lifetime service attached to that particular machine), so I'll have to take a look at Amazon Unbox--I'd never heard of it.

MEG said...

This brings up an interesting point. Most people think they could never live without cable - but I bet most people only actually watch a couple of cable shows regularly.

Sure, I watch cable - but I'm pretty sure the only show I watch that isn't a rerun of a sitcom or Law & Order is The Suze Orman Show. All the shows I really watch (Grey's Anatomy, The Office, 24, Desperate Housewives, Oprah, Brothers & Sisters...) come on the major networks.

I could easily do without the reruns. So that begs the question: is Suze Orman worth paying $65 per month?

lpkitten said...

yay! i love project runway but always seem to miss them (i rarely watch tv). i prefer to find them on dvd and watch them in a stretch. no commercials and no waiting!

Julie the Graduate said...

Wow! I have "fancy" cable just for Project Runway.. maybe it's time for me to downgrade too. Thanks for the news!