Friday, January 18, 2008

JW Plays Tag; Grace is It!

I don't like chain letters, and I don't like Blogger Tag. Nonetheless, JW at Need To Be Debt-Free has seen fit to tag me. Up to a point, I'm willing to play along. I'll put down seven little-known facts about Grace, but I am NOT going to tag anyone else.

OK--stuff you could probably have lived your entire life without knowning about moi:

(1) I love science fiction. I read it, write it, watch it and go to conventions about it. (I do NOT dress up in funny costumes and I do NOT speak Klingon!)

(2) I don't like babies. I want my children walking, talking and toilet trained--which is why I adopted all my kids at ages 8 or 11.

(3) I get antsy if I'm caught in a line or on the bus and I don't have something to read. If I'm desperate enough, I read the backs of cereal boxes.

(4) I have a huge cookbook collection, but I don't cook. If and when I retire, I'd like to explore international cuisines and how to make them.

(5) I have kept journals of my (mostly boring) life since fourth grade. Every New Year's Day, I go back 10, 20, 30, 40, (and this year for the first time) 50 years and read the entries for that year.

(6) I came of age in the late sixties--as a result, I have never used make-up.

(7) I have no math skills--OK, you probably could have guessed that from the state of my finances!

That's it. Enough about me. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Sharon said...

That is amazing that you have kept journals that long. I wish I had done that. It would be nice to look back.