Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good-bye January; Onward to February

Everyone else seems to be making progress on their debt reduction while I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water. In January, I reduced by total indebtedness by a whole $516.23. Goodness! At that rate, I'll be debt-free in, what? 16+ years?

I'm gonna have to do a lot better than this if I want a debt-free retirement. It's either that or retire when I'm 76!

And for many reasons, February isn't shaping up a lot better. Maybe Ed McMahon will come by and tell me I've won Publisher's Clearinghouse.

Or not.


Sharon said...

$500 is $500! Good for you. You did not go further into debt. I'm impressed!

Our Debt Blog said...

I'm not making progress! I even stopped blogging about it LOL... I guess I just have to live with it..

I'm Grace. said...

I think blogging about my debt helps to keep me honest. I would encourage you to blog anyway, even if you're not knocking out your debt. If nothing else, you can look back later to see where you were going wrong, or what curves life was throwing your way.

I did try to read your blog but apparently, it's private.

Anonymous said...

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