Sunday, November 11, 2007

Surprising Money Saves

I spent much of this weekend at a local literary festival. I budgeted the $5 per day to get in, counted on getting a lot of free pens, bookmarks and other do-dads, determined not to buy any books, and looked forward to seeing a number of my favorite authors in person.

All of the above happened as planned. I even managed not to buy any books, which--trust me on this one--took some definite intestinal fortitude.

But, big surprise for me, I also saved some money.

The local daily newspaper was one of the exhibitors. They couldn't sell me a subscription since I have been a subscriber for over 30 years. But, by promising to save me $2 per month, they did pursuade me to have the monthly costs taken directly out of my checking account. And to sweeten the deal, they threw in a $5 grocery card at a store I frequent.

I would have enjoyed this festival at any rate, but combine it with the money savings, and what's not to like?

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