Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting Scary Out There

I remember advising, many posts back, that one NOT keep checking one's retirement fund balance, particularly in a market as unstable as we are now experiencing. However, since I don't always take my own advice, I have peeked. Big mistake. My funds are down 10% or $17,000. I am closing my eyes, continuing to contribute, and keeping my fingers crossed that in the eleven years I have left until retirement, this will all work itself out. It had better--I have no good recipes for dogfood casserole


Living Almost Large said...

Me too. I'd rather not do my november net worth. Ugh.

I'm Grace. said...

And that is why I only do quarterly net worth reports! Maybe by year's end, there will be a rally. Even a small, temporary one would make me feel more secure.