Saturday, June 30, 2012

Second Quarter, 2012

In spite of last month's upward blip in debt, my finances straightened out in June. I ended the month having reduced my indebtedness by $1511, which, after I adjust for May's increase, reduces my total debt by $704.

I always recalculate my net worth quarterly.

Here, the results are even more dramatic.

Thanks to the debt reduction, and small increases in the value of my home and my rental as well as my 401Ks, my net worth is now $623,093, up $13,134 from the first quarter.

So, all in all, (and except for the weather!) June went just fine.

Onward to July


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Anonymous said...

And any month that ends like that is a good month :)

Sharon said...

Yeah for June! :)! I'm hoping July is like your June!