Wednesday, May 4, 2011

They Come; They Go; Sometimes They Come 'Round Again

I write a post like this every six months or so--bemoaning those folks who have folded their blogosphere tents and gone home, or have simply stopped posting for more than half a year.

I do appreciate those who write a 'last post,' but since I'm still here, I kinda expect that all of you other bloggers will stick around as well. I get cranky when you don't, and that goes even for those who give me a heads up before they leave.

So the latest to give notice that she's packing it in is the author of "The Boxcar Kids' Blog."

I'm going to leave her link up for awhile to see if she changes her mind. The reason she gives is that she'll just wind up saying the same old things over again--something that never bothers me, whether I do it myself or read it in someone else's blog.

Let's face it, life is cyclical. Finances are cyclical. Heck, my emotions are cyclical. If what you want to read is new and exciting financial stuff, you've got the wrong blogger in Grace!

"Connecticut Mom" has disappeared as well. In fact, she's taken her blog with her, which is too bad because I like the video she posted of the "Hallelujah Chorus" flash mob she joined at the local mall last December.

Of course, not everyone disappears forever. Florence at "Ruminations" left 'for good' in early February and didn't last more than two months before she was writing again. So she's back on my blogroll. Ditto the blogger at "Always the Planner who has now returned.

But I miss Dawn at "Getting Nine Hundred" and Betty at "Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy" who left a post saying she would be posting again, but never has.


Roberta said...

Interesting. I like blogging. It feels like a nice way to share parts of my life but not all. I don't know if you follow Ree Drummond's blog, but she made it into the New Yorker this week!

Bob Lowry said...

The most recent figures I saw indicate that there are 200,000 new blogs created every day.

The average blog lasts less than 3 months. It is sad to see someone move on to something else, but change is the nature of life.

There are certain blogs I would miss because I have become blogging friends with them. But, with so many new ones established each day, just think of all the opportunities to discover new gems!

Is that the glass half full argument?

Terry said...

You're so right Grace! I'm still worried about that guy who was outed by a coworker and had to cancel his blog ( can't remember the name but I think he lived in Michigan and was constantly being criticized for tithing) .

Diane C said...

I know just how you feel, Grace. I feel like I'm losing old friends when this happens. I still wonder what's up with Jen at the Millionaire Mommy Next Door and Trish at The Simple Life in France. (I know, she had a baby, but THEN what happened?) Also Falia Photography. I appreciate that you care about keeping your blogroll current. Hope this is not a hint that you're thinking of packing it in...

Grace. said...

Terry--you're thinking of JW. I, too, miss his blog and wonder how he and his family are doing. Unfortunately, it was also a lesson about NOT putting too much personal information into a blog, or at least, not personally identifying personal info.

Diane--this blog will last at least as long as my debt does, which at my current payoff rate, is obviously going to be a LONNNNGGG time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

It is a shame how some people just leave without notice. I was a little concerned about Dawn. One of her last posts was about how tired she was. I hope nothing happened and her family didn't know about her blog. It was good Tony's son could post for his dad. It's funny how we worry about people we don't even know.


Anonymous said...

People should at least post that they're taking a hiatus or something. I appreciate that The Boxcar Kids author did that.

What happened to Red from Girl with a Red Balloon?

Suzi said...

I miss Betty too. I check periodically to see if she has returned. And I also wonder about JW. Is his life still in turmoil?

Louise said...

I often wonder how things worked out for JW, and I miss Dawns blog, it's a shame to hear boxcar kids is ending too.