Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Down, Five To Go

I love it when money comes even sooner than I expect.

According to the Where's My Refund link at the IRS website, my refund would arrive by March 3rd. Sooner is better--and it came much sooner. The refund landed in my bank account yesterday, a week and a half early and only two and a half weeks after I filed.

So-o-o, I used the money for the things I'd already planned and then used what was left over to pay off my smallest debt.

Amazing how good it feels to see a credit card zeroed out--never mind that the balance was just under a thousand dollars, and it wasn't even my highest-interest card. That's $50 a month I can put to much better use.

I am definitely getting a rush from the payoff. It's psychological, not intellectual. But it's a darn good feeling, just the same.

Onward to the other five debts (not to mention my HELOCC and my mortgage).


Shevy said...

Congrats on paying off a credit card in full! It's such a nice feeling.

Momthing1 said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations.

Sharon said...

0 balances are great! (Well as long as the 0 balance isn't in your savings account!)

Did it MY way said...

Debt free is total freedom-TOTAL FREEDOM-keep up the good work.

Living Almost Large said...

Congrats! Sounds like a great plan!

Florence said...

Way to go Grace!! I do understand and theoretically agree with those that say we should adjust our withholding so that we neither owe anything nor get anything back but it is soooo nice to know for certain that we won't owe anything. And besides,February is such a depressing month--tired of winter & ready for sping--that getting a tax refund is a nice surprise.