Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quarterly/Monthly Review

Hmm--maybe I should just stick with the quarterly review this time.

My net worth is up $4483.26 to $559,930.46. This is due primarily to the rally in the stock market this past week [though my 401(K) has not fully recovered to its highest point] and the fact that, according to Zillow, my residence has continued to increase in value. This is puzzling given the static market in my city right now, but since my home is in the $300,000 range, it may be that these homes are still affordable and therefore still in demand.

So, hey! I'm doing good, right?

Umm--well, there IS my monthly financial review. Quarterly, I'm fine. Monthly, not so much.

In spite of putting money toward debt reduction, I put much more onto my HELOCC, with a net result of now being an additional $7562.35 in debt. And, I'm back over $100,000 in total debt, which includes my mortgage. Again.

My goals for the next quarter are to get that debt down to under $100,000, survive Christmas and three daughterly birthdays, and to pay the property taxes on my rental in full (which, if I manage it, will come as a pleasant surprise to the tax department).

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